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Collectively, our team has experience producing over 150 unique SKUs on a commercial scale in the regulated cannabis market in both Colorado and California.



Nick is responsible for strategic and business planning at Maxwell Family Farms. Nick has 16 years of experience in investment finance. He previously worked as Senior Financial Analyst at Cohen Capital Management, where he monitored and made recommendations on a portfolio of equity and municipal bond positions representing over $200mm in assets. Nick was a Private Equity Analyst and Associate at Susquehanna International Group as well as an Assistant Trader in their prestigious options trading program. Nick holds a B.A. in Economics with a Minor in Mathematics from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.



Joey is responsible for financial and operational oversight of Maxwell Family Farms. Joey has 10 years of experience in corporate finance. His experience includes financial planning and analysis, budgeting, staff planning and marketing analysis. He previously worked as Senior Financial Analyst for West Marine. He also worked as Senior Financial Analyst at American Airlines, where he coordinated budgets for personnel and operations for a number of airports in the US. Joey holds a B.A. in Economics with a Minor in Spanish from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.



Will is responsible for operations management and compliance at Maxwell Family Farms. Will has over 7 years in cannabis manufacturing operations management. He took Colorado-based, The Green Solution’s edibles and extracts sub-entity, Nectar Bee, from $1 million in sales in 2012 to $15 million in sales in 2016, overseeing over $45 million in cumulative sales. Will led and grew a team from 4 employees in a small space, into the largest manufacturing facility in Colorado, staffed with 58 full-time employees. Will and Harry led the development of 96 SKUs that won over 25 awards. Will studied at the Metropolitan State University of Denver focusing on Business Management.



Harry is responsible for overseeing extraction production at Maxwell Family Farms. Harry has over 10 years of experience in cannabis extraction/ refinement and petroleum analytics. He brings over 6 years of production management experience to the team, having managed Nectar Bee’s operation from its inception, on top of filling an international training role for The Green Solution’s franchised manufacturing operations. He has expert knowledge in hydrocarbon, water and ethanol extraction, rosin techniques, distillation, achromatization and crystallization. Harry studied at Miami Dade College focusing on Organic Chemistry.



Myk is responsible for product creation, all engineering, infusion R&D, regulatory compliance and kitchen workflow for the Bud Barber brand. Myk is the Co-Founder of Bud Barber. He has over 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry regarding infusion and creating branded products for the consumer market. Myk was responsible for the management of the Bub Barber brand for over 6 years, achieving sales in over 500 dispensaries and representing over $500k in peak sales from 2012-2016. Myk is a former Cisco Operations engineer as well as a U.S. Air Force veteran.



Pam is responsible for the management of kitchen staff, kitchen workflow and production for the Bud Barber brand. Pam is the Co-Founder of Bud Barber. She has over 10 years of cannabis edibles manufacturing experience. Together Myk and Pam bring a wealth of connections through their prior dispensary sales channels. Bud Barber has over 50 direct relationships with dispensary owners and are founding members of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA).

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